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Our expertise and experience in this area includes:

  • Tariff classification of goods, including formal requests to the CBSA for advance rulings, and the assessment of applicable customs duties and taxes
  • Valuation of imported goods for customs purposes, identifying the “sale for export to Canada” in a series of transactions for the purpose of importing goods into Canada, and advising on transactional structures to maximize efficiencies in supply chains and trade flows
  • Interpretation and application of conditions and requirements for preferential tariff treatment, tariff rate quotas, and other market access provisions in bilateral and regional free trade agreements
  • Determination of origin under the applicable rules of origin, and advising on certification requirements
  • Interpretation and application of Canada’s Temporary Importation Program and Duty Deferral Program (including the Duty Drawback Program, the Duties Relief Program, and the Customs Bonded Warehouse Program)
  • Assisting clients with applications to Global Affairs Canada for export and import control permits, i.e., for cross-border trade in goods and technology listed on the Import Control List and/or the Export Control List
  • Advising and representing clients in CBSA tariff classification, valuation, and origin audits, on-site verification visits, requests for re-determination and further re-determination, and appeals to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal
  • Advising and representing clients in the CBSA voluntary disclosure process (proactively identifying and correcting inadvertent mistakes in tariff classification, valuation, or origin declarations)
  • The identification of domestic regulations, including technical regulations and standards and other measures, that create barriers to trade, and implementing strategies to reduce or eliminate those barriers