7 Mar 2018

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On March 6, 2018, the United States International Trade Commission (“USITC”) issued its preliminary determination in its antidumping and countervailing duty investigations regarding large diameter welded pipe from Canada, China, Greece, India, Korea and Turkey (the “subject goods”). It is alleged that the subject goods are sold in the United States at less than fair value, and that the goods originating in China, India, Korea and Turkey are subsidized.

The USITC determined that there is a reasonable indication that an industry in the United States is materially injured by reason of imports from Canada, China, India, Korea, and Turkey. The UITC also determined that there is a reasonable indication that an industry in the United States is threatened with material injury by reason of imports from Greece. The USITC’s public report, which will be available after April 2, 2018, will provide additional information on the reasons for these determinations.

The subject goods are usually classified under the following Harmonized System codes of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States:

  • 7305.11.10
  • 7305.11.1060
  • 7305.11.50
  • 7305.12.10
  • 7305.12.50
  • 7305.19.10
  • 7305.19.50
  • 7305.31.40
  • 7305.31.60
  • 7305.39.10
  • 7305.39.50

As a result of the USITC’s affirmative determinations, the US Department of Commerce will continue its antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.  It will issue its preliminary countervailing duty determinations by April 16, 2018, and its antidumping duty determinations by June 29, 2018.

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Vincent DeRose

Stephanie Desjardins